colonial american pewter minitures

by franklin mint circa 1982, these faithful copies are well detailed cast forms treasured by today's collectors of fine american pewter.  they are doll house size and range in height from 3/4" to approximately 2".

*collection has sold*

m1- sugar bowl; parks boyd

m2- baptismal bowl; t.d. boardman

m3- water pitcher; george richardson

m4- queen anne teapot; cornelius bradford

m5- flagon; william will

m6- covered chalice; j.c. heyne

m7- candleholders; henry hopper

m8- deep dish; o. trask

m9- lamp; t. b. m. company

m10- basin; nathanial frink

m11- cream jug; william will

m12- salt; william will

m13- tall beaker; robert bonynge

m14- 6" plate- thomas danforth II

m15- measures (3); t. d. boardman   *sold*

m16- flat lid tankard; peter young

m17- ladle; john h. palethorp

m18- pint mug; jacob whitmore

m19- tulip shaped tankard; william will

m20- flower handle porringer; hamlin

m21- crown handle porringer; t. d. & S. B. boardman

m22- spoons (4); luther boardman   *sold*

Items #1-762

price $10 each