Since 1988 I have been offering expert pewter restoration services.  I’ve enjoyed being entrusted with restoring rare pewter treasures back to their former glory.  Many of these pieces are now displayed in leading museums and collections throughout the United States, Canada and Great Britain. 

Over the last twenty-five years many pieces saved have been family heirlooms.  Not all the pewter I restore or repair is rare or priceless.  I am happy to work on any restorable pewter item regardless of its age or value.  All work is performed promptly and at reasonable rates. 


- "please feel free to post this reply as a review, along with pictures of the stein. I received it back today. i am currently enjoying my first ever beer from it! This is thanks to you and your fantastic workmanship. I can't believe how little such workmanship cost. I certainly recommend you to anyone seeking quality pewter repairs.  i am proud to have been privileged to do business with such a great craftsman!, Most sincerely and thankfully, bob otta - 11/27/17

- "You did a fine job blending the repair.  Actually, it's scary!" - K. S. 12/3/2013

- "I think it looks awesome! Thank you so much! I am sure that was a lot of tedious work since it was so small." - S. M. 2/21/2014

- "I got the candlesticks today, and they look great!" - P. N. 4/14/2014

- "The flagon and mug arrived today and they look great.  Thanks very much." - T. W. 4/16/2014

- "Great work on the dish!  I'm very pleased.  You achieved the exact 'color' I was after and I was quite pleasantly surprised as to the percentage of the marks that were saved/preserved.  Your restoration work on the center was particularly impressive.  Thank you.  I wish I had your talent and skills." - D. H. 4/21/2014

- "Thanks, Frank.  It's beautiful!" - M. G. 4/23/2014

- "I just received the dish and I couldn't be more happy with it.  You finished it in just the way that I hoped you would." - G. P. 4/23/2014

- "I just received the piece.  I can't tell you how pleased I am with the way it turned out.  It never looked as good as it does now, even before the accident.  Your talent and efforts on this project are much appreciated.  I want you to know I deeply appreciate your skills and for whatever it is worth, please do not hesitate to use my name as an enthusiastic endorser of the quality of your work for any persons who may have need of your services." -Gary Gadeke 5/2/2014

- "i opened the package last night and couldn't be happier with the restoration!  very nice work.  if I'm ever in need of pewter work in the future i know whom to contact. thank you." -vickie c. 7/15/2016

- "the bowl arrived today and it looks brand new.  i cannot thank you enough for the work you did.  i am more than happy."- a.m. 7/28/2016

- "the tankard arrived today and it is beautiful.  it is so expertly done! the results far supassed my expectations." -allen m. 8/6/2016

- "thank you frank, my figurines arrived safe and sound and i'm so pleased with your work."- faith h. 8/16/2016

- "i just received the pewter- it is absolutely gorgeous.  you did a beautiful job on these pieces."- sharon p. 8/30/2016

- "just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did on my sugar bowl.  you are a true craftsman."- maureen s. 9/8/2016

- "i would like to say wow! great job on both pieces! you even straightened out the finial on the teapot, was i was afraid to attempt.  thanks."- david d. 9/10/2016

- "the wounded warrior has arrived safely and is back on the field of battle with his comrades.  your excellent work has exceeded expectations.  thank you!"- michael m. 9/12/2016

- "first, i have thoroughly enjoyed cruising around your website and backroom.  i feel that your site fully represents your vast experience and should make anyone that needs a repair confident in your capabilities." -chip k. 9/22/16


1) How do I receive an estimate? 

The process begins when you contact me by email (  When possible, please attach photos of the pewter to the email.  Once I have photos examined I’ll contact you to discuss the item and provide a rough estimate.  A more accurate estimate will be provided once I am entrusted with the job and have personally handled the piece. 

2) Is all pewter repairable?

Pewter items that are extremely corroded may not be restorable.  Some items may be so damaged that repairs would not be cost effective.  I always discuss such items with their owners, and offer my advice. 

3) What is the typical turnaround time? 

Typical turnaround time for involved restoration is ninety days.  Simple repairs under an hour are generally two weeks. 

4) Does restoration increase a pewter item’s value?

A professionally restored piece of antique pewter is always worth much more than an item with dents or cracks or obvious repairs. 

Before photos of a Scottish Laver (Flagon)


If you are interested in having any pieces in your collection restored, polished, or repaired, please Contact Me.

we are located in the united states.   if you are in canada, i recommend you contact colin hamer at