German Guild Cup

I am very pleased to offer this awesome 11 1/4" tall guild cup from Germany.  It is two pieces and threads together beneath the cup.  This piece is unmarked, but is nicely engraved with grapes and vines over text on two sides.  The one side translates "Callenberg 13 May 1845."  Callenberg is a municipality in the district of Zwickua in Saxony, which has a present population of 5,500.  My translator indicated the other side roughly reads "Dedicated to the Right Honorable Guild of Hosiery Makers in Rusdorf on their 100th Jubilee Celebration from the Honorable Guild of Hosiery Makers of Callenberg on the 13th of May 1845."  The base diameter of the cup is 4 7/8" in diameter and the lip is 5 5/8".  Other than a small nick here and there, the rare guild cup is in excellent condition.

Item #10-376

Price $510