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 ~frank Powell, owner of powell pewter

new items added august 27th:

  • richard king pint mug
  • richard king quart tankard
  • meriden brit. co. chamberstick
  • richard going tankard
  • 10" m.b. co. "plain" candleholders
  • townsend & compton quart tankard
  • #2 m.b. co. candleholders
  • william pelton candleholder

item details and photos are found on showroom pages 1 & 2

Other items added in august :

  • henry joseph cream jug
  • robert bush teapot
  • rare william & mary beaker
  • t & c 18th c drum pot
  • 18th c dutch urn
  • 18th c 'bowtie' porringer
  • boardman 'old english' porringer
  • townsend & compton pint mug
  • lewis 1840 taster porringer

item details and photos are found on showroom page 10