Welcome to the home of powell pewters' online shop.  please browse through our showroom galleries, search for specific items through our list of current inventory, read reviews and contact information regarding expert restoration and appraisal services, and check often for upcoming sales!  we are pleased to announce that we have found homes for over 6,500 pieces of fine antique pewter since 1988.  thank you fellow pewter lovers!
 ~frank Powell, owner of powell pewter


new items added in june:

  • 12" townsend export dish
  • samuel e. hamlin 4 3/8" porringer
  • boardman modified old english porringer
  • new england 'hearts and moon' porringer
  • boston 'ic' porringer

item photos and descriptions are found on showroom page 1 & 2 and backroom gallery


new items added in may:

  • colonial american pewter miniatures
  • 2 7/8" candleholders
  • jacob whitmore pint mug
  • large 1790 church chalice
  • calder eagle touched plate
  • calder 11 3/8" r.i. patens/dishes
  • leonard, reed & barton church chalices
  • t. b. m. (taunton) church flagon
  • calder church chalice
  • wm calder communion set
  • 1830 t. b. m. co chruch pieces

item photos and descriptions are found on showroom pages 1 & 10 and the back room gallery