important thomas danforth II mug

i am proud to offer this pint mug identified with an undocumented "crowned t. d." touch mark.  it is interesting to note that joseph danforth likely modeled his "crowned t. d." after this undocumented thomas danforth II mark.  joseph was thomas II's son and thomas III's brother.  joseph worked from 1779 to 1788 and thomas danforth II from 1755 to 1782.  apparently toward the end of his career, thomas II removed the "crown" from the touch die leaving only the "t. d." intact.  this modified mark was passed on to t. d. III and is found on mugs made by the son though his career which lasted from 1777 until 1818.  this pint is one of two such marked t. d. II mugs that i know to exist.  the other is an undocumented quart that recently found a home in an important american collection.  this 18th century pint stands 4 1/2" tall, has a top diameter of 3 3/8" and bottom diameter of 3 13/16".  it is in good condition with pitting to the inside bottom.

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price $2,600

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