straight ingram & hunt tankard

the tankards typically found by ingram & hunt of bewdley, england are tulip shaped.  occasionally one is lucky and discovers a straight sided example by the eighteenth century partnership.  i am therefore quite pleased to have this handsome hard-to-find quart to offer for sale.  the heavy broken 'c' handles and 'plume' thumbpieces are unique designs of ingram & hunt.  these provincial partners exported many fine pewter forms to america between 1778 and 1807 including teapots, porringers, sauce pots, tankards, loving cups and more.  they were first-class craftsmen and designers.  the tankard stands 7 3/4" tall and is in very good condition.  their partial touch mark is struck on the inside bottom.  a similar pint example is pictured (fig 269) on page 125 of donald herr's book "pewter in pennsylvania churches."

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