henry joseph creamer

joseph exported beautifully designed pewter to the colonies, most of which was hollow ware. this style creamer was the best of the three types found by him and is the most detailed. it is also the rarest style, and may have been the inspiration for the similar creamer made by new york maker peter young. the integral spout, scalloped edge, acanthus leaf handle and shell cast legs with shaped feet are outstanding feature. this creamer has owners initials “ai” engraved on the body. henry joseph worked in london from 1736 to 1792. this type of creamer is not marked, however it is positively a product of his shop, as the casting is identical to marked examples of his products only. the handle is unique to henry joseph as is the salt base body. the piece is 4 1/8” tall and is in excellent condition.

item #5-952


(ec 3031)