Interesting Hamlin 8 3/16" Plate

I am pleased to offer this 8 3/16" diameter single reed plate by Samuel Hamlin, Sr.  He worked in Hartford, CT from 1767-1773 and in Providence, RI from 1773-1801.  It is not only marked with the typical "Samuel Hamlin" nametouch, but also contains the rare "Hard Metal" hanging animal touchmark.  The Hanging Animal (L333) mark is often drawn inaccurately and shown to contain the name "Samuel Hamlin"; when in reality, it should (as does on this plate) actually read "Hard Metal".  The marks on the plate are worn.  The plate has no repairs, but is pitted and in fair to good condition.  Is it fairly priced due to the condition.

Item #6-428

Price was $180 ~~~now $165